Bolas - Boleadoras

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Bolas - Boleadoras

A Bola or Boleadora is a hunting weapon used by Inuit (Siberian aborigines) and South Americans. They also use it to capture runaway cattle.

The Bola consists of two or three lines, measuring 0.4 to 1.5 m, which are each knotted together at one end to form a star. At the outer end of each line is a weight (stone, leather bag with stones or lead shot). The stones are held with formed leather (mostly parchment) and with leather strips.

Use with three balls: One end of the bola is held in the hand and the two other ends are twirled over the head and thrown onto the legs of the escaping animal. The rotating bola wraps around its legs, causing the animal to stumble and fall. Perfecting this skill requires hours of practice, as the animal being brought down moves very quickly.

Bolas-03.jpg Bolas-01.jpg

Bolas in formed leather with leather strips.



Bolas from South America.


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