Cool leather - SRT-leather

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Cool leather - SRT leather

Cool leather or SRT leather (Sun Reflective Technology - Solar reflective cool leather) is coated with a special agent to reduce the heating effect when exposed to sunlight and other forms of heat. On black leather, this cooling property makes it possible to significantly reduce the temperature.

Cool or SRT leather is used mainly for car seats, steering wheels and motorcycle clothing.

This type of leather does not need to be treated with special cleaning and care products but there some key points to bear in mind. Dirt affects the performance of the SRT coating and stains and soiling increase the leather's surface temperature. To get rid of soiling a residue-free cleaner, which does not leave any coloured layers (this is true for all leather cleaners) is recommended. Since dirt is often not visible on dark leather, it should be cleaned first with a light cloth to check whether a more intensive clean is necessary.

Care products are usually designed in such a way that they do not leave any covering layers. Colouring products or products for the shoe sector with strong wax contents should be avoided. Waxes tend to form layers. Thick layers of leather care products should also be avoided. Remove visible excess with a damp cloth.

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