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Mobile phone and tablet bag made of vegetable-tanned leather (www.katharinaeisenkoeck.com).


Mobile phone cases - tablet bags - lap top bags made of leather

Nowadays, there is a large range of leather mobile phone cases on the market. A variety of protective covers for sensitive communication devices are on sale with terms such as "mobile phone case", "cell phone case" and "cell phone cover". This also includes bags for lap tops and tablets. Almost every type of leather can be used, and in the lower price segment, there are several other materials used, but they are not always labelled correctly.

Handytasche-Gusti-01.jpg Handytasche-Gusti-02.jpg

Ladies mobile phone bags made of genuine leather (www.gusti-leder.de).


Some customers also use old leather cases for smartphones. Previously, cigar cases were made of leather, which now fit perfectly to the smartphone of the same size.


Cigar cases made of leather are now used for smartphones.



A special design: Cell phone case made of stingray leather.


Mobile phone back covers of leather

Mostly, mobile phone backs are made of plastic or metal. However, there are manufacturers who make leather backs.

LG G4-Leather.jpg

Mobile phone back made of leather.


Production of a leather mobile phone cover.


Material testing of mobile phone cases on "genuine leather"

Often, inexpensive mobile phone bags are offered as "genuine leather". Many buyers and dealers wonder if such products really are "genuine leather". Phone cases are often marked incorrectly.


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