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The weight of a leather hide can vary substantially. A thick leather is heavier than a thin leather. Well-oiled leather is heavier than a dry leather. A compressed leather is heavier than a very soft leather with loose fibres and many air pockets in the fibre structure.

For leathers used in transport (vehicles, airplanes), every gram saved contributes to a lower energy consumption. With 400 grams of weight per square meter of leather, extra light weight leather was developed for this purpose. Also with leather clothing, a lighter weight is more comfortable to wear, especially in thick and warm winter coats or motorcycle leather suits.

However, when reducing the leather weight, the previous stability and quality properties and, in particular, the reduced flammability and fire retardancy of leather must be retained.

The weight reduction also has advantages for tanneries. In the production process, less waste water is produced and fewer chemicals are used in the tanning process.

Since leather varies in weight according to humidity, a leather must be measured at controlled air humidity in order to obtain comprehensible comparison values.


Each gram saved saves kerosene.


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