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Pigmented furniture leather is offered for sale by some manufacturers as "LongLife leather" or "Long Life leather". This sales concept is also applied to various other terms. In this marketing strategy, pigmented leather, which is easy to care for, is offered either with a "5-year guarantee" or comparable additional services. However, these warranties are mostly only valid for "ease of care" and "fading" (light fastness). The guarantee is considered invalid if the customers cannot prove they have purchased Longlife leather care kits at least once every year.

Modern, pigmented furniture leather does not fade and an "ease of care" guarantee is not clear. The warranty does not protect the leather from general wear and other typical leather damages. Therefore the "guarantee" is of little help to customers if they have a problem with their furniture.



Basically, LongLife leather is not bad leather. However, look closely at the warranty conditions and check what is included in addition to the legal warranty. Consider the problems that might occur and check if these are covered by the warranty.

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