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Furniture made of imitation leather called "Napalon Leather" sometimes appears on the market. Since it is an artificial leather, this term is misleading without specifying that it is only a synthetic leather, and does not correspond with the obligation to label materials. The aim is to make it sound like napa leather. But it is not leather.

This material frequently appears in online trading. Often, it is not pointed out that it is not genuine leather. The following declarations are used:

  • Material: Napalon leather (textile leather 100% polyurethane, basic fabric 100% cotton)
  • Material: Napalon leather, material composition of the fabric: 100% polyurethane (in easy to care leather), basic fabric 100% cotton
  • Material: Leather Tex
  • Material: PU leather

Whether "Leather Tex" or "Textile leather", none of the materials are leather.

Because of the frequent false declaration, it is not clear whether sometimes even genuine leather is offered. Therefore, you should always ask before buying. The term only appears in the lower price segment. Such leather is usually strongly pigmented, sanded and embossed and therefore feels cold and less breathable.

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