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Skiving leather - How to skive leather

When skiving leather, its edges are thinned to a certain desired thickness. In contrast to splitting, only the outer edges are flattened, not the entire work piece. The outer edges become thinner towards the edge. This facilitates the folding of the edges as well as stitching with other leather parts. Skiving can be done by machine, or by hand using a skiving knife.

Ends of leather belts that need to be lengthened are sharpened to make the overlapping contact surface to be bonded larger.

In the case of dashboards, the leather is locally thinned on the reverse in order to create break-in lines for airbags.

Skiving tools

  • Half moon leather cutting knife: The half moon is a knife. It can be used in many different ways. Typical is the use for skiving cutting edges. There are many other knives for leather which can be used.
  • Skiving machine: There are also many different skiving machines for skiving edges or entire leather pieces.


Skiving borders with the half moon leather cutting knife (


How to skive leather.

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