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Stretching and drying frame in the tannery

Stretching frames with clamps are used in tanning for stretching the leather. The leather is stretched inside the frame to create a smooth and flat surface. In most cases, this is done during the drying process. It is also to enable colour to be applied evenly on the flat, stretched, leather surface without any folds, to ensure optimum coverage.

Gerberei-Trockenspannrahmen-01.jpg Spannrahmen-01.jpg

Stretcher with clamps for drying the leather.


Stretching frame with clamps to provide a uniform dyeing on the flat surface.'

Spannrahmen-Farbe-02.jpg Lagerung-Haufen-01.jpg


Clip marks from fixing and stretching the leather on the frame are sometimes still recognisable as bruising on the finished leather.

Stretching frame for the brain tanning process

To be better able to work on the leather at the brain tanning procedure, the leather is stretched and dried in the stretching and drying frame. Although, the frame itself in such cases is more basic and rudimentary.

Hirngerbung-Haut-spannen.jpg Hirngerbung-Haut-gespannt.jpg

The stretching of the leather in the drying frame.


Videos about the leather production

Leather production in a modern tannery and brain tanning process.

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