Antelope leather

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Antelope is the collective name for various types of horned, deer-like mammals from Africa and Asia.

Antelope leather is a relatively rare leather, which is usually found in the clothing sector. It has a velvet-like structure and antelope skins are generally processed as suede. Although, they are sometimes used for fur. Antelope leather is also used for shoes, bags or belts. Springbok skins are used to produce both fur and smooth leather.

Antilope-01.jpg Antilope-02.jpg



Antilopenleder-02.jpg Antilopenleder-01.jpg

Antelope leather trousers.


Antilopenleder-Waschleder-03.jpg Antilopenleder-Waschleder-02.jpg

Antelope leather - Chamois leather - Wash leather (


Antelope leather sout africa-01.jpg Antelope leather sout africa-02.jpg

A rarity: Antelope leather furniture with clearly visible skin damages in the area of the tail.


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