Armadillo leather

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Armadillos originated in South America but have expanded up to the south of the USA. In Brazil they are called tatu. There are various types of Armadillos and the largest species can weigh up to 60 kilos and are over a metre long. The armadillos have an armour-like skin which is rarely used for leather production.

Pantanal-Guerteltier-03.jpg Gürteltier-Münze-Uruguay.jpg

Armadillo from Brazil. - Armadillo on a coin from Uruguay.


Gürteltier-01.jpg Gürteltier-02.jpg

Handbag made of armadillo leather and armor.


Armadillo leather 03.jpg Armadillo leather 02.jpg

Basket made of armadillo armor.



Knife handle from the tail of the armadillo from Argentina.


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