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Phone +49 (0) 551 / 770 730<br />
Phone +49 (0) 551 / 770 730<br />
Managing Directors: Jörg Rausch, Matthias Beuck, Lars Pickhardt<br />
Managing Directors: Matthias Beuck, Lars Pickhardt<br />
Sales tax identification number: DE811984991<br />
Sales tax identification number: DE811984991<br />
Register court: Amtsgericht Göttingen, HRB 2857<br />
Register court: Amtsgericht Göttingen, HRB 2857<br />

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Dear readers,

My profession involves selling leather cleaners, repair products and care products for leather in Germany (www.lederzentrum.de). Every day I'm constantly confronted with the properties and characteristics of leather. As a result of working with this wonderful material, I became passionate about collecting information, photos and videos about leather and sharing my knowledge by writing this dictionary. This is a real labour of love to which I have devoted many evenings and weekends.

I am often asked if I could summarize it into a printed book. But a book is already out of date as soon as it’s printed. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, tablet or computer where they can study this dictionary. New information is added regularly and therefore it is always up to date.

I hope that I can inspire you with my enthusiasm for leather. Leather is a wonderful, natural material with incredibly different properties and areas of use. It can be designed in an infinite number of variations like no other alternative product.

As English is not my native language, there are certainly errors in the translations. Although Google translation is a great help. Please advise me of any errors. I will be happy to correct them. The leather dictionary in German: www.leder-info.de.

Many thanks to my friend Ram Iyer from www.colourlock.com for his help with this project.

I hope you enjoy reading this online leather encyclopedia!

Jörg Rausch

Deelmann-Schulung-2015-06-02.jpg Schulung-Volkswagen-2014-04.jpg

Jörg Rausch: Leather training at a furniture manufacturer and an automobile manufacturer.


250px Hirngerbung-Enthaaren-Jörg.jpg

Jörg Rausch: Making a leather care video at a furniture association. - Self-awareness in a course on brain tanning.



Ram Iyer, Lars Pickhardt, Matthias Beuck, Jörg Rausch


Some necessary legal notes:

Liability for content

The contents of these pages were created with great care. But for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content, I cannot take any responsibility.

Liability for Links

Our site contains links to external websites of others, over which we have no control. Therefore, we cannot take any responsibility for their content. The linked sites were checked at the time of linking for possible violations of law. On becoming aware of violations, we will remove such links immediately.


Contents of this leather-dictionary can be used for private or educational purposes outside the internet. The content of this leather-dictionary may also be linked to other websites. Permission is required for any commercial use of written information, photos and videos. Please contact info@leather-dictionary.com.


Raiffeisenstraße 1
37124 Rosdorf

Web: www.lederzentrum.de

Phone +49 (0) 551 / 770 730

Managing Directors: Matthias Beuck, Lars Pickhardt
Sales tax identification number: DE811984991
Register court: Amtsgericht Göttingen, HRB 2857

Westhill Trading Ltd.

Suite 111, Legacy Centre, Hanworth Trading Estate Hampton Road West, Hanworth, Middlesex, TW13 6DH England

Web: www.colourlock.com

Telephone (+44) 203 793 9125

Managing Director: Ram Iyer