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The phenomenon known as "bronzing" particularly occurs on newer, black smooth clothing. It appears as a metallic glimmer and, like the rainbow on an oil puddle, it can be gold, bluish, reddish or greenish. This metallic sheen is the result of oxidization of excess aniline dyes. Dyes used in leather are anionic, but sometimes basic (cationic) dyes are used on black and dark shades to help the intensity of the colouration. If used incorrectly, this can show bronzing. It’s not the pigment colour which causes this, it’s the aniline dye.

If this area is wiped with a slightly damp, white cloth, it becomes discoloured. It’s not the metallic sheen which remains in the cloth. It’s the colour of the oxidized aniline dyes before oxidation.

If you have acquired such a clothing, you should complain. In cases where a complaint is not possible, a professional chemical cleaning and fixing must be carried out. You cannot do it yourself.


Bronzieren-Jacke-04.jpg Bronzieren-Jacke-06.jpg

Bronzing leather jacket. The oxidation colour is greenish / yellowish; the bronzing colour is a violet tone.



Bronzing lamb leather. The oxidation colour is golden-yellowish, the bronzing colour is red as the pigment colour.


Jacke-bronzieren-02.jpg Jacke-bronzieren-03.jpg

Typical bronzing of Leather clothing. On the second photo, not all sections are affected.


Tasche-bronzieren-07.jpg Tasche-bronzieren-06.jpg

Bronzing leather bag.


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