Bull testicles

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Normally only the skin of cattle is processed into leather. There are rare exceptions, such as the bull testicles or the cow's stomach.

In Austria, the tanning of sex organs is forbidden.


Bull testicles on living animal.


Bullenhoden-02.jpg Bullenhoden-03.jpg

Tanned bull testicles. This bull testes were used for a work of art.



Bull testicles as a mate mug from Argentina.


In Australia, the testicles of the kangaroo are dried or tanned and sold as a key hanger or processed into small bags. Key hangers are also made from the paws of the kangaroo.

Kangaroo leather testicles-01.jpg Kangaroo leather testicles-02.jpg

Dried or tanned kangaroo testicles. A must in the souvenir shop in Australia.


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