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In order to provide leather with motifs, it can be embroidered.

The best way to do this is by using industrial embroidery machines for textiles and leather. The embroidery machine shown in the video (www.ledermanufaktur.com) is a 6-needle machine. With this embroidery machine, 6 colours can be embroidered at the same time. Yarns are available in all colours, including neon colours. The maximum format for this machine is 30 x 20 cm. The leather thickness is a maximum of 2 millimetres and all typical leathers can be embroidered.

High-resolution JPG files or the desired text is used in standard fonts.

Ferrari-Stickerei-06.jpg Ferrari-Stickerei-04.jpg Ferrari-Stickerei-05.jpg

Stickerei-BMW-001.jpg Stickerei-001.jpg

Ferrari seats- - Embroidery on BMW leather suits. - Embraided leather bag (www.ledermanufaktur.com).


Stickerei-002.jpg Stickerei-004.jpg

Embroidery with silver effect on car leather.


Stickerei-006.jpg Stickerei-005.jpg

Reverse side of the embroidery.


Flugzeugleder-01-2011-04.jpg Lufthansa-Logo-01.jpg

Lufthansa aircraft leather.


Porsche-Metallik-01-2012.jpg Porsche-Metallik-2013-03.jpg

Signed Porsche metallic leather.


Car leather can be branded by embossing, by embroidery or by printing.



Brasilien-Praia-do-Forte-Tuk-Tuk-03.jpg Brasilien-Praia-do-Forte-Tuk-Tuk-04.jpg

Imitation leather with embroidery in a tuk tuk in Praia do Forte near Brazil.


Lederjacke-Indianer-03.jpg Lederjacke-Indianer-04.jpg

Hardworking sewing on leather jackets.


Video about motifs on leather


A video about painting on leather, perforating leather, carving leather, embossing leather and several other methods to create motifs on leather.


Other possibilities how to provide leather with designs