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Goatskin - Goat leather

There are over 550 million goats in the world. 20 to 40% of these are slaughtered annually. Goat leather is ranked third in the world after cow leather and sheep leather with approximately 8 to 10% of world production.


The Leather hair pores - Hair follicles on goatskin.


Goats are found in many regions of the world. In contrast to sheepskin, goats do not have any grease deposits in the skin and are therefore more resistant but still supple and fine. Goat leather is therefore more valuable than sheep leather. It is lighter than many other leather types. It is usually tanned using a combination method and is relatively cheap. It is barely distinguishable from lamb leather.

Leather of goats is used for the production of clothing, gloves, book covers, shoes or bags.

Ziegenfell-001.jpg Ziege-gepraeigt-03.jpg Ziege-gepraegt-002.jpg

Goat skin with hair. - Embossed goat leather. - Goat suede.


Ziegenleder-Taschen.jpg Ziegenleder-Boerse.jpg

Goatskin leather handbag and goat leather wallet (of contigo.de).


Reisetasche-Leder-01.jpg Reisetasche-Leder-02.jpg

Travel bags made of vegetable-tanned goatskin with patina (of www.gusti-leder.de).


Ziegenleder---Schwanenhaut-1880-GB--01-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg Ziegenleder--Schwanenhaut-1880-GB--03-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

Painted goatskin from 1880 from England (DLM - German Leather Museum in Offenbach).


Goat suede

Goat suede is a velvet-like leather type, which is often used for leather clothing. It is very light and comfortable. Goat suede is processed for leather jackets, skirts or pants.


Long leather glove made of soft goat suede.


Ziegenvelourhose.jpg Trachtenlederhose-Ziegenvelour.jpg

Leather pants made of goat suede.


Ziegen-Velour-01.jpg Ziegen-Velour-02.jpg Ziegen-Velour-04.jpg

Typical goat suede.


Trinkflasche-01.jpg Trinkflasche-02.jpg

Spanish wine or water bottle made of vegetable-tanned goat suede.


Ziegenvelour-verblichen-201.jpg Jacke-Velour-verblichen-06.jpg

Goat suede tends to fade with time.


Goatskin with hairs

Due to the many species of goats, there are also goatskins in all variants and hair colours. Goatskins with hair are processed as complete skins or as accessories.


Goatskin bag of www.georgebiquell.com (right with dorsal stripe).



In former times, around 1900, glacé leather from goats was called "Chevreau". The typical use was for leather gloves. Today, chevreau is chrome-tanned goat leather.



"Chevreau" leather gloves.


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