Hole punching

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Hole punching is a technique used extensively on leather. Automobile leathers are often perforated for ventilation, or for fashion reasons, with repeating patterns and small holes. For belts, holes are cut or punched into the leather so that the belt can be closed. Shoes are provided with holes for decorative reasons or because of the breathability properties. Sometimes holes are also pre-punched along the seam so that the thread or the cord can be pulled through the leather.



Punching tools.



Coarse and simple punching tools from the Middle Ages.


Lochprägung-02.jpg Schuh-Lochstanzung-London-2.jpg

Punch holes for shoes for decorative or ventilation purposes.



Fahrradsattel-02.jpg Handtasche-Lochung-Flechtun.jpg

Punched holes, to get leather straps and laces through the leather.


Sattel-Fahrrad-Brooks-03.jpg Sattel-Fahrradl-Brooks-01.jpg

Leather bicycle saddle with hole punching.


In the production of leather products leather blanks are also punched. It is an alternative to manual cutting or cutting with the knife, water jet or laser.


Punching tool for punching leather symbols.



A video about painting on leather, perforating leather, carving leather, embossing leather and several other methods to create motifs on leather.


Other possibilities how to provide leather with designs

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