Lamb leather

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Lammkotelett-02.jpg Lammgericht-Indisch.jpg

Greek lamb chop. - Indian lamb dish.


Lamb leather

Lamb is the young animal of the sheep. It can be called as lamb, until the age of one year. Lambs are slaughtered because of their delicate meat compared to the adult animals.

Lamb leather is used for leather clothing. The soft and light leather of lambs is used as smooth leather for leisure jackets, skirts, dresses or leather pants. Lambskin is also used for gloves, belts, purses, bags, hats or shoe. Particularly expensive leather clothing is often made of lambskin.

Sheep leather is also processed. But it is presumably often spoken of lamb leather, even if it comes from the older sheep. Sheep leather can be so sturdy that it is even used for furniture.

Jacke-Lamm-004.jpg Lammlederjacke-01.jpg

Jacke-Lammleder-1499-Euro.jpg Jacke-Lamm-003.jpg

Lamb leather clothing. Left 1.499 € and right 159 €.


Lederhandschuh-Lammleder-01.jpg Lederhandschuh-Lammleder-02.jpg Lederhandschuh-Lammleder-04.jpg

Leather gloves made of porous lamb napa.


Lammnappa-01.jpg Lammnappa-08.jpg

Lamb napa.


Lamm-Nubuk-02.jpg Lamm-Nubuk-01.jpg

Lamb nubuck.


Lamm-Praegung-Flechtung-01.jpg Lamm-Praegung-Kroko-01.jpg

Embossed lamb leather.


Lamm-Praegung-Punkte-02.jpg Lamm-Praegung-Strauss-01.jpg

Lamb nubuck with embossing. - Lamb leather with ostrich embossing.



Definitely "sheep leather".



Plongeé means lamb napa from animals from Europe, America, Asia or Africa with a particularly large volume. Plonge leather is almost exclusively used for men's gloves. The tanning process comes from France, where such leather is still produced for the upper price segment.


Chevrette is a French term for a sheep leather which is produced to look like Chevreau. It is lumpy and not so valuable. It is used in footwear.

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