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''Work belt in the [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVouUuG3afs Pantanal in Brazil].''<br></p>
''Work belt in the Pantanal in Brazil.''<br></p>

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Leather belts

Most belts sold in the world are made from leather, and most of them are made of thick, solid cow hide. Cow hide is stable, available in sufficient quantities, and cattle hides are large enough to produce belts with a waist size of 1.7 metres. Vegetable tanned leather is mostly used to make belts because of the higher filling ability of vegetable tannins that make it strong and solid enough for a belt. It is common for belts to have decorative embossing, stitching or braiding.

In China, belts are produced at a very low cost and therefore sold at a very low price. Cheap belts often consist of several layers. Some layers are then made of cheaper materials such as cardboard, foam or plastic. It is therefore important to check carefully whether it is really a sturdy belt or even real leather.


Guertel-03.jpg Guertelleder-004.jpg


Guertel-02.jpg Guertel-Praegungen-01.jpg


Leather belts sold all over the world.


Guertel-Praegungen-002.jpg Flechtung-Pergament-005.jpg

Belt with embossing. - Belt with braiding from parchment.


Heavy-Duty-Belt-03.jpg Heavy-Duty-Belt-02.jpg

Heavy duty belt: American bull leather, vegetable tanned, 6.3mm leather thickness (Wolf Continental).


Lederguertel-Bueffelleder-01.jpg Guertel Pythonleder 01.jpg

Leather belt from bison leather (www.heinzbauer.com). - Python leather belt.


Guertel Python Rindslederpraegung 01.jpg

Leather belt from Python leather combined with cow hide and with croc embossed.



Work belt in the Pantanal in Brazil.




Holsters for weapons, ammunition, etc.


video about leather belts

The manufacturing of leather belts at www.ludwigschroeder.de.

Cartridge belts made of leather

Patronengürtel-01.jpg Patronengurt-01.jpg

Cartridge belts.


Nilpferd-Patronengurt-01.jpg Nilpferd-Patronengurt-03.jpg

Hippopotamus leather cartridge belt for a big game hunter manufactured by www.ledermanufaktur.com.


Leather straps

These are a type of belt and are used for various purposes.

Handtaschen-Markt-02.jpg Lederkoffer alt 01.jpg

Handbag straps or straps of suitcases are often made of leather.


Riemen-Jaguar-02.jpg Bentley-Riemen-03.jpg

Bentley-05.jpg 250px


Leather straps can hold down the bonnets of vintage cars.



Leather straps of natural leather (www.katharinaeisenkoeck.com).


Oldtimer-Riemen-01.jpg Riemen-Rad-01.jpg

Leather straps can provide tension for the convertible top or hold the rear-view mirror.



Or fix the spare wheel.



A beautiful picnic hamper with leather straps from www.landlord-pas.de.


Pferd-Zaumzeug-03.jpg Pferd-Zaumzeug-01.jpg

Bridle for horses.


Riemen-02.jpg Riemen-01.jpg

And in eroticism. The use of leather straps knows no boundaries ...


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