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Lederhandschuh-Ziege-beige-01.jpg Lederhandschuh-rosa-02.jpg Lederhandschuh-rosa-01.jpg Lederhandschuh-Ziege-beige-02.jpg

Leather gloves

Leather gloves have been in existence since leather was first used to make mittens or gloves with 5 fingers. Gloves are made of lamb leather (with and without hair), elkskin leather, deerskin, cow leather, calfskin, goatskin, pig leather or kangaroo leather. They are available as smooth leather, fur, nubuck or suede. Due to the multifarious properties of leather, gloves can be protective (work gloves, motorcycle gloves), warm (winter gloves) or worn as an accessory (ladies' gloves for the evening wear).


High quality riding gloves made of soft goatskin with cashmere lining for the winter from www.lederreithandschuhe.de.


Lederhandschuhe-Lammleder-02.jpg Lederhandschuhe-Lammleder-01.jpg

Gloves made of butter-soft open-pored lambskin.


Elchleder Handschuhe 02.jpg Elchleder Handschuhe 03.jpg Elchleder Handschuhe 04.jpg

Butter-soft napa leather of elkskin as leather gloves from Pineyard - MUD GbR.


Lammfellhandschuh-01.jpg Lammfellhandschuh-04.jpg Lammfellhandschuh-02.jpg

Special offer lambskin gloves from a discounter for 8,99 € (2012-12).


Handschuh-Schlangenleder-01.jpg Handschuh-Schlangenleder-03.jpg

Ladies leather glove outside of snakeskin and lambskin palm.




Arm length leather gloves made of soft goatskin suede.


Peccary3.jpg Handschuhe-Schweinsleder-01.jpg

Glove made of soft peccary leather. - Pig leather gloves on sale.



Tawing with alum leather gloves.


Motorradhandschuh-Leder-02.jpg Motorradhandschuh-Leder-01.jpg

Motorcycle gloves made of robust cowhide protect well against injuries when falling.


Boxhandschuhe-01.jpg Boxhandschuhe-03.jpg Boxhandschuhe-02.jpg

Boxing gloves are extremely hard wearing.




Typical work gloves made of suede



Leather working gloves for special occupations.


Production and repair of leather gloves

Most leather gloves are manufactured more cost-effectively abroad due to the high manual labour required. There are also specialist companies which still carry out this rare handicraft. One of them is Pfeiffer Leather & Fashion in Germany. They manufacture custom-made leather gloves.

Leather glove production 01.jpg Leather glove production 02.jpg

Lederhandschuhe-Herstellung-01.jpg Lederhandschuhe-Herstellung-02.jpg

In the leather workshop of Pfeiffer Leather & Fashion, leather gloves are custom-made and leather gloves are repaired.


The production of leather gloves.

The cleaning and care of leather gloves

Cleaning Leather gloves with LEATHER AND FUR WASH CONCENTRATE.

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