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Top grain leather - Hair side

The grain side refers to the smooth, grained surface facing the hair side (or the outside, if no hair is present) in leather. Each type of leather has a unique characteristic grain pattern. The pore density is much heavier on cow leather than on pig leather. The grain pattern can be changed by embossing and colouration. Even split leather can be coated in such a way that it appears like top grain leather.

The side of the skin facing the meat of the animal is called the flesh side.

Types of graining: fine pore leather - coarse pore leather - fine grain leather - coarse grain leather

The original grain pattern already differs on the same animal skin surface. In the middle of a skin, the leather is mostly fine-pored, and towards the edge it becomes more coarse-pored. The appearance of an even skin structure is often disrupted by deeper natural wrinkles.

Narbenunterschied-001.jpg Narbenunterschied-002.jpg Narbenunterschied-003.jpg

On same skin: fine pored -> transition -> coarse pored.

Narbung-02.jpg Narbung-01.jpg Narbung-03.jpg

The main grain is partially traversed by deeper natural folds.


When cutting, care must be taken that the grain pattern is chosen as symmetrically as possible.

Graining of different animals

Stoer-04.jpg Elefantenleder-04.jpg Krokoleder-03.jpg

Natural grain pattern: Sturgeon leather - Elephant leather - Crocodile leather


Pork2.jpg Rochen2.jpg Strauss2.jpg

Natural grain pattern: Pig leather - Stingray leather - Ostrich leather


Aalleder-07.jpg Aga-Kroete-03.jpg Atlantikrochen-02.jpg

Natural grain pattern: Eel leather - Aga-toad - Atlantic stingray leather


Boa-Constrictor-02.jpg Haileder-003.jpg Huenerbein-13.jpg

Natural grain pattern: Boa constrictor - Shark leather - Chicken legs leather


Kaenguruleder-03.jpg Karpfenleder-002.jpg Lachsleder-gebuegelt-002.jpg

Natural grain pattern: Kangaroo leather - Carp leather - Salmon leather


Nilpferd-02.jpg Muraenenleder-001.jpg Python-02.jpg

Natural grain pattern: Hippo Leather - Moray eel leather - Python leather


Robbenleder-005.jpg Straussenleder-001.jpg Yakleder-2010-02.jpg

Natural grain pattern: Sealskin leather - Ostrich leather - Yak leather


Embossed leather

BMW-Autoleder-Cinghalino.jpg Praegung-Rind-010.jpg Praeg3.jpg

Grain side, but with embossing: Car leather (cow) with embossing of pig leather. - furniture leather with distinctive pattern embossing. - Crocodile embossing on cow leather.


Coated leather

Bycast4.jpg Spaltleder-PU-rot-003.jpg

Only at the first glance Top grain leather: Foil-coated split leather. - Inexpensive, inferior, coated split leather.


Video about laminated split leather (PU split leather)

Video about the manufacturing of laminated split leather.

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