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Leather hat-03.jpg

Head covers made of leather have existed in all cultures throughout history. The use of these in the form of fur hats, leather hats or leather caps or leather helmets has been extremely common.

Leather hat



Straussenleder-Hut-01.jpg Lederhut-01.jpg

Leather hat made of ostrich leather. - Leather hat from South America.


Lederhut-02.jpg Lederhut-Brasilien.jpg

Leather hat in Australian style made of kangaroo leather. - Leather hat from Salvador da Bahia - Brazil.


Leather-hat-05.jpg Leather-hat-06.jpg


Traditional leather hats from Bahia - Brazil.


Leather helmet



Leather helmet made of foot skin from the ostrich, stingray leather and cow leather made by www.wildfangdesign.de.


Straussenleder-Helm-Fuss-01.jpg Straussenleder-Helm-01.jpg

Leather helmet made of foot skin from the ostrich and of ostrich leather (www.wildfangdesign.de).


Lederhelm-01.jpg Schutzhelm-Leder.jpg Lederhelm-02.jpg

Other helmets covered with leather.


Videos from the leather workshop

The manufacture of a fireman's helmet.

Fur cap

Fur caps keep very warm in winter and are therefore commonly found in colder countries. .

Fellmütze-01.jpg Fellmütze-02.jpg

Aviator headgear made of lambskin.


Fellmütze-04.jpg Fellmütze-03.jpg

Different fur caps seen in Moscow.


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