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''Typical [[Pig leather|pigskin suitcase]] from [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDmkdFwqTt8&list=PLdGEmp0I4Bawry89Il_c1uc1F7M0Tr7sx South America].''<br></p>
''Typical [[Pig leather|pigskin suitcase]] from South America.''<br></p>
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''New suitcases made of [[Vegetable-tanned leather|vegetable-tanned leather]] from [http://www.newold.es/ www.newold.es] from [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEc6xLTS4aY&list=PLdGEmp0I4Baw08t9dbJPACojAW96KDfdR Spain].''<br></p>
''New suitcases made of [[Vegetable-tanned leather|vegetable-tanned leather]] from [http://www.newold.es/ www.newold.es] from Spain.''<br></p>

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The history of the production of leather suitcases is closely related to the history of the automobile and the aviation industries. Since the beginning of the 20th century, mobility has increased rapidly, bringing with it a need for lighter luggage that people could carry themselves. Previously, only the wealthy could afford to travel. Leather chests were used for luggage and the servants carried the heavy chests.


Lederkoffer-04.jpg Lederkoffer-02.jpg Lederkoffer-01.jpg

Old leather suitcases with lots of patina.


Old leather suitcases were made of wood, metal and waxed leather. Normally cow hide was used and very rarely crocodile leather or pigskin, which is more widespread now.

Nowadays, a simple leather suitcase costs 350 to 400 €. Better quality and larger models can cost 400 to 800 €. Luxury suitcases or exotic leather suitcases can cost above 1,000 €. It is not uncommon for hand-stitched suitcases from renowned manufacturers to cost more than 10,000 €.


Lederkoffer-05.jpg Lederkoffer-03.jpg

Beautiful selection at Sams & Son.



Louis-Vuitton-Koffer-01.jpg Louis-Vuitton-Koffer-02.jpg

A popular brand from the high-end segment with a long tradition in suitcase production.


Lederkoffer-02-Auto.jpg Lederkoffer-01-Auto.jpg

Motorrad-Koffer-01.jpg Motorrad-Koffer-02.jpg

Suitcases for cars and motorcycles.


Koffer-Kroko-01.jpg Kroko-Koffer-01.jpg

Suitcases and handbags made of crocodile leather from Sams & Son.


Camping-Koffer-01.jpg Nilpferd-Koffer-01.jpg

Camping leather suitcase and leather suitcase made of hippopotamus leather from Sams & Son.



Peculiarity of these leather suitcases: The leather was seamlessly moulded into suitcase forms (from Sams & Son).


Lederoel 01 0601.jpg Koffer-Schweinsleder-01.jpg

Typical pigskin suitcase from South America.



New suitcases made of vegetable-tanned leather from www.newold.es from Spain.


Additional information

Detailed instructions for cleaning, repair and maintenance of leather handbags and leather luggage


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