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Motorcycle suits are traditional leather clothing. Motorcycle suits made of leather are an excellent protection against weather and protect against cold. Leather is breathable and therefore the ideal compromise between safety, weather protection and comfort.

Motorcycle suits made of leather are clearly superior to those of textiles in case of traffic accidents due to the high resistance of leathers.

Motorcycle leather is usually cow leather. Rarely kangaroo leather is processed.

Kaenguruleder-Motorrad-001.jpg Perforation-Motorradkombi-001.jpg

Motorcycle suit made of kangaroo leather.


The leather is almost always treated as a smooth leather because of the weather protection. Because of the weather protection, almost always smooth leather is processed. BMW is selling successfully a suite made of nubuck leather. The model is called Atlantis.

Atlantis.jpg Teflonnubuk2.jpg

Embroidery on the Atlantis motorcycle suit by BMW. - A water drop on the freshly waterproofed nubuck leather of an Atlantis suit.


Up to two hides are processed for the production of a motorbike suit. Cattle skins usually have a surface area of 4.5 - 5.5 square meters. The larger the seamless surfaces are, the more leather is required. For combinations with many seams and small areas, the [[leather cutting waste] is less, but the risk of water penetration in the seams is higher.


Well-worked suits are waterproofed at the seams. For this purpose, cotton-coated synthetic yarns are used. The plastic yarn is weather-resistant and tear-resistant, and the cotton swells in moisture and thereby seals the seam holes.

Dark colours are mostly processed. On dark colours, insects that burst on the suits during fast driving are not that much visible. On bright colours, everything is more clearly visible and the cleaning effort is then significantly higher.

In order to reduce the intense heating of the dark leather in the sun, the so-called "cool leather" is offered. This kind of leather heats up less than other black leather.

Since motorcycle suits are generally driven only on a seasonal basis, be careful during storage over the winter season. Extremely damp storage areas (damp cellars), no air circulation (plastic bag etc.) can lead to mold infestation.

Motorradhose-Schimmel-01.jpg Motorradhose-Schimmel-02.jpg

Mouldy motorcycle suit due to incorrect storage in damp cellar.


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