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Wallet - Purse

No matter what you call it, wallet, purse, money bag or coin pocket, usually this accessory is made of leather.

Geldboersen-03.jpg Geldboersen-02.jpg

Money that you carry with you is often kept in leather.


Murmelbeutel-001.jpg Viper-04.jpg

Suede and leather of a viper.


Lachs-Leder-Metallic-01.jpg Stoer-02.jpg

Wallets made of salmon leather and sturgeon leather.


Haileder-001.jpg Huenerbein-11.jpg

Wallets made of shark leather and chicken leg leather.


Krokoboerse-01.jpg Kroko-01-Gürteltasche-Krokodilfuß-Goldpfeil-1954---Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

Wallet and bumbag from the crocodile-paw.


Strauss-007.jpg Kunstleder-Börse-01.jpg

Wallet with ostrich leather-embossing. - Wallet made of imitation leather.


Raffa-Leathercraft---lederzentrum-ro-03.jpg Lederportemonnaie 04.jpg

Carved wallet. - Coarse grained and coarse-pore leather wallet.


Wallet for waiter-01.jpg Wallet for waiter-02.jpg

Embossed leather wallet for waiter from www.leas-leder.de.


Biker wallet


Biker wallets are, as the name suggests, wallets designed for motorcyclists. They have an eyelet for a safety chain to protect the property. Typically such wallets have a striking, visual closure which remains visible and the wallet is about one third the size of the pocket.

Biker-Wallet-03.jpg Biker-Wallet-04.jpg

Biker Wallets made of stingray leather.



Biker Wallets made of ostrich leather.


Haifisch-Wallet-01.jpg Klapperschlange-Wallet.jpg

Biker Wallets made of shark leather and of leather of the rattlesnake.


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