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Madras is not a generic term for a special kind of leather. Various manufacturers use "Madras leather" to describe different types of leather and similar materials. It is therefore important to establish exactly what type of material you are dealing with when faced with this term. Imitation leather with leather fibres glued to the reverse is also sold as Masdras. This is not genuine leather, but synthetic leather. Coated split leather is also sold as "Madras" which does not correspond to the quality of top grain leather.

Madras imitation leather

A material called "Madras" is sold as a furniture cover. While it may look like leather, it is in fact a leather composite material, in which other materials are the main components with leather fibres applied on the reverse. This material should not be sold as genuine leather. It consists of layers of dense cotton fabric, leather fibres on the back and a PU coating on the surface. It is made of 34% polyurethane, 25% polyester, 14% cotton and 27% leather fibres.

Basically, it is an imitation leather, with leather fibres glued on the back. The fibres do not have their own stability and do not absorb moisture.

Madras.jpg Kunstleder-Lederfaser-002.jpg

The upper material of this "Madras" is made of artificial leather. Leather fibres are glued on the back.

Madras leather

There is also normal smooth leather called "Madras" and should not be confused with the imitation leather.


Genuine smooth furniture leather called Madras.


Split leather with Madras embossing

There is also an embossed split leather called "Madras".

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