Mercedes Basketweave

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Basketweave embossing in vehicle interiors, on the strips of the seat, are a hallmark of Mercedes. The spaces between the embossed strips include narrow strips without any embossing. In some models, these intermediate strips are perforated. However, there are also variants where the intermediate strips do not have perforation holes.

Mercedes-Flechtnarbe-005.jpg Mercedes-Flechtnarbe-004.jpg

With and without perforation in the intermediate strips.


Mercedes-Flechtnarbe-001.jpg Mercedes-Flechtnarbe-2010-0.jpg

The typical Mercedes Basketweave with embossing and perforation in the intermediate strips.


Möbel-Flechtnarbung-01.jpg Möbel-Flechtnarbung-02.jpg

Exotic: Leather armchair with Mercedes Basketweave.


Painting, perforating, carving, embossing and lasering of leather.

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