Ostrich leather

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Ostriches weigh about 150 kg and grow to 2.5 m. The meat and eggs are used as food, the skin is used for leather (including the legs) and the feathers and the egg shell are used to manufacture all kinds of objects. The bird is originally from Africa. There are other birds, from which leather is made. The Nandu from South America or the Emu from Australia. Ostriches and emus are also found in other countries.

Straußeneier-04.jpg Straußenfedern-01.jpg Straußeneier-03.jpg

Ostrich feathers and ostrich eggs can be used in many different ways.


Ostrich leather is generally processed as smooth leather and is characterized by its softness, as well as a pimpled grain pattern caused by feather growth. Since the nubs are not distributed all over the skin, more cutting waste must be taken into account, to preserve symmetry.

Ostrich leather is used for bags or wallets, but occasionally for shoes. Also, ostrich leg can be processed to leather.

Strauß-01-Weibchen.jpg Strauß-03-Straußenbein.jpg

The skin of the bird and the skin of the legs and feet is processed into leather.




Straussenleder-01.jpg Straussenleder-02.jpg

Ostrich leather has a characteristic surface. In the area of the nubs, caused by the feathers.



When cutting, the distribution of the nubs in the skin must be considered (photo www.lederkunst.com).


Straussenleder-Hut-02.jpg Straußenlederschuhe-Tasche-01.jpg

Leather hat made of ostrich leather from the ostrich farm Riederfelde. - Ostrich leather handbag and shoes from Artestruz Mallorca.


Straussenleder-Weste-01.jpg Straußenleder-Weste-02.jpg

Ostrich leather vests: left from the young ostrich, right of an older animal (www.wildfangdesign.de).


Lederkunst-Straussenledertasche-03.jpg Lederkunst-Straussenledertasche-04.jpg

Lederkunst-Straussenledertasche-01.jpg Lederkunst-Straussenledertasche-05.jpg

Genuine artworks: ostrich leather handbags by www.lederkunst.com.


Straussenleder-Uhr-Mercedes.jpg UhrenarmbandStraußenleder-0.jpg

Mercedes watch strap made of ostrich leather. - More watch straps made of ostrich leather (Flat Iron Straps).



Armchair made of ostrich leather.


Straußenleder-Schuh-Himer-1.jpg Straussenlederstiefel-03.jpg Straußenleder-Schuh-Himer-0.jpg

Leather shoes made of ostrich leather for stars and blue golf shoes of Himer bespoke shoes, Leather boots of www.jean-gaborit.com.



Very nice: baby ostrich leather on a bicycle saddle.




Bugatti Type 46 Coupé Superprofilée. Seats covered with genuine ostrich leather.



Dashboard of a classic car Mercedes covered with genuine ostrich leather.


Straussenleder-Fuss-04.jpg Straussenleder-Fuss-005.jpg

Straussenleder-Helm-Fuss-01.jpg Straussenleder-Fuss-02.jpg

Ostrich leather feet are also processed. Helmet from www.wildfangdesign.de.


Straußenfuss-Wallet-01.jpg Straußenlederschuhe-Beine-01.jpg

Biker wallet made of ostrich leather (bikerwallets.de) and ostrich leg leather shoes (Artestruz Mallorca.


Straußenleder-Tasche-01.jpg Straussenleder-Handtasche-P.jpg

Left: Genuine ostrich leather bag.

Right: This handbag is not made of ostrich leather. It is either embossed cow leather or artificial leather.


Kunstleder-Straußenpraegung.jpg Lamm-Praegung-Strauss-01.jpg

Imitation leather with ostrich embossing. - Lamb leather with ostrich embossing.


Bugatti-38-Tourer-Bj-1927-Kunstleder-Straussenpraegung-01.jpg Bugatti-38-Tourer-Bj-1927-Kunstleder-Straussenpraegung-02.jpg


Bugatti 38 Tourer from 1927, strangely with seats of imitation leather with ostrich embossing.


Rindsleder-Straußenprägung-02.jpg Rindsleder-Straußenprägung-03.jpg

Cow leather with ostrich embossing. - The hair pores of the cow skin are still recognizable.


Strauss-007.jpg Strauss-006.jpg

Wallet with ostrich embossing. - The hair pores of another animal are visible.



Feather opening from genuine ostrich leather. - Hair pores do not exist.



Ostrich meat is very dark and tastes better than it looks. The look is reminiscent of soup meat.


Nandu leather

The Nandu from South America is also processed to leather.


Nandu claw as knife handle from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Nanduleder-02.jpg Nanduleder-01.jpg

Watch strap from Nandu leather (Flat Iron Straps).


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