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Stretch leather - stretch napa - stretch suede

Stretch leather is available in different versions. As stretch napa but also as stretch suede.

Stretch leather is a thin and stretchy lamb napa or suede, lined with a special stretch material on the back. The composite material is very elastic and ensures the restoring forces are retained without the leather being over-stretched. Not only does it prevent permanent expansion of leather due to movements and body heat, but it ensures that the body-hugging properties remain. Stretch leather is used for skirts, pants, leggings, shoes or boots.

Stretch Leather Studio Ayasse 03.jpg

Stretch Leather Studio Ayasse 01.jpg Stretch Leather Studio Ayasse 02.jpg

Fashion and comfort stretch leather from


Stretch-Leder-001.jpg Stretch-Leder-002.jpg

Stretch napa is a smooth leather.


Stretchleder-01.jpg Stretchleder-02.jpg

Stretch suede leather pants, extremely stretchy.


Python-Lederhose-Stretchleder-02.jpg Stretchleder-Python-02.jpg

Stretch leather pants made of python snakeskin.


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