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VOC is the abbreviation for Volatile Organic Compounds. It appears frequently in the context of leather and describes a class of hydrocarbons that boil at temperatures of up to about 260 degrees Celsius and can thus enter the surrounding air gaseously.

The term VOC is used in the investigation of substances that fog out of leather. This can be odors or silicones or other undesirable substances. This type of evaporation is tested especially for cars and furniture (wood polishes and varnishes).

The abbreviation VOC is also used in the chemicals used for the production of leather. Solvents such as benzines, alcohols etc. are volatile substances and evaporate.

Some people react to VOC with headache, nausea, or fatigue. Long-term effects with regard to allergy and carcinogenic effects have not yet been investigated. There is an endeavor in Europe to reduce the percentage of VOC in products for environmental reasons. This is why the trend is to solvent-free products and water-based products.

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