Vermin damage on leather

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The cleanliness of a leather store or leather goods store is a prerequisite for avoiding damage caused by bugs in leather. Mice and rats sometimes nibble on leather. Wood wasp and larder beetles pierce it. There are also insect larvae which eat leather, resulting in small little holes.

Damage caused by worms

Worms eat through the leather and leave small holes in the surface.



In particular, vegetable-tanned leather is prone to worm damage.






Damage caused by worms - seen in the German leather museum DLM - Deutsches Ledermuseum in Offenbach.


Damage caused by rodents

Mice like to nest over the winter in classic cars stored in garages and damage the leather. Classic cars with original leather interior have a nice patina and rodents can cause irreparable damage. Often the damage is so great that it needs to be re-upholstered

Mäuse KFZ 01.jpg

Mäuse KFZ 03.jpg

Mice-infested interior after a few months: defective steering wheel and holes in the perforated car leather.


Damage caused by skin beetles

Bacon or larder beetle is native to Central Europe with 68 types of pest that feeds on dry organic matter. This includes dead, desiccated animals and insects - but unfortunately also tanned hides and skins of animals can be enormously damaged by bacon beetles in a short time. Therefore, most museums take a lot of precautions, as they pose a danger for the exhibits.

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