Aniline tanned leather

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Unfortunately, the terminology for describing different types of leather is not universal, which can lead to confusion. Some leather products are described as "aniline tanned leather". However, this is incorrect as tanning is done with tannins. "Aniline" is not a tannin. The term "Aniline" should only be applied to - "aniline dyes" and "aniline leather".

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"Tanning" has two meanings: the tanning of leather and the tanning of the skin by the sun. The term "tanned skin" usually refers to people who have been out in the sun. Vegetable tanning agents are brown and the first bit of coloration that any hide gets depends on the tanning method used. Vegetable-tanned Crust leathers are brownish. Therefore, the description "aniline tanned" is incorrect.

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