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"Antique leather" applies to furniture that is more than 100 years old or has an appearance of antique leather.

Real antique furniture that is over a century old is not easy to find. Leather furniture ages through general wear and tear, plus exposure to sunlight. Therefore most furniture is subsequently disposed of at some time. However, some treasured and timeless pieces (mainly antique chairs or leather desk tops) have stood the test of time.

Antique leather chairs that were heavily Embossed leather still look beautiful. However, in most cases, the leather is usually quite brittle, delicate, dry and sensitive. Depending on the degree of damage, the leather can be restored. Only the extremely well preserved leathers remain durable after restoration. This is very rarely the case and these kinds of leather should be used carefully.


Antiker-Stuhl-32.jpg Lehne.jpg

Sitzfläche-Detail.jpg Lehne-Detail.jpg

Antiker-Stuhl-10.jpg Stuhl-Praegung-2011-10-07.jpg

Antiker-Stuhl-12.jpg Antiker-Stuhl-13.jpg

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Antiker-Stuhl-33.jpg Antiker-Stuhl-34.jpg

Antiker-Stuhl-31.jpg Antiker-Stuhl-30.jpg

Antique chairs have mostly beautiful embossed motifs.


The post-patination of an antique folder.

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