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Leather repair - leather repairs

Leather repairs are most diverse services. They can be the work of a shoemaker, cobbler, an upholsterer, a saddler, a trimmer or a tailor. However, there are also leather repair companies that specialise in repairing leather without getting involved in any stitching work. These will repair minor damages (rips, tears, scuffs etc.) and colour leather without replacing it.

Do leather repairs make sense? Products made of quality leather are exceptionally durable. With shoes, the sole, rather than the upper leather, suffers and, for many leather objects the seams or zips get damaged first. Shoemakers, saddlers, upholsterers or professional leather repairers can significantly extend the life of the leather object. Because of the durability of leather, repairs make ecological and economic sense. An object with a long life span is more sustainable than having to constantly replace it with a new version.

Shoemaker - Cobbler

Shoemakers and cobblers carry out all kinds of leather repairs. Leather is polished, soles are replaced, shoes and boots are expanded, zips are changed and repaired, belts are shortened or holes are punched. You can always go to a shoemaker if you have problems with leather clothing of any kind, including shoes, trousers, jackets, bags, suitcases, belts, hats or leather accessories. If they cannot help, they will be able to recommend someone who can.

Lederreparaturen 01.jpg Locheisen-03.jpg


An upholsterer is specialised in upholstered furniture. Previously, re-upholstering furniture was a normal activity. But, today the cost of recovering an item with leather is very expensive and can be the same as buying a new piece of leather furniture. As a result, upholsterers are often asked to repair a certain panel of the seat or make other repairs to the furniture.

Ziernägel-01.jpg Chesterfield-0001.jpg

Saddler - Trimmer

Trimmers specialise in re-covering upholstery in vehicles. It is often necessary to change the worn-out side bolsters of the car seats. Some saddlers also offer smaller colour repair services because new leather cannot always be purchased in the same colour or in smaller quantities. A saddler on the other hand carries out traditional works on saddles.


Alter-Zerfall-07.jpg Oldtimer-Patina-08.jpg

Tailors - Leather clothing manufacturer

Tailors repair leather clothing of all kinds with needle and thread. Ripped buttons, damaged zips, the exchange of a collar or shortening, stretching or lengthening are typical works. Only a few companies in developed countries are still specialised in the new production of leather clothing. They usually also carry out modifications and repairs.

Hirschleder-Jacke-001.jpg Straussenleder-Weste-01.jpg

Leather coat of deer leather and vest of ostrich leather fromwww.wildfangdesign.de.


Bag repair specialists

A bag repair specialist is specialised in bags and cases. From production to the exchange of handles, belts and locks, everything falls into this area.

Pfriem-Nahtlöcher-nachstechen.jpg Sattlerroß-02.jpg

Leather repair shops

Leather repair shops that repair leather without needles and thread are unusual and deal with all kinds of leather damages. Historically there was no such business.

Such leather repair companies must always assess the leather damage in terms of whether the leather is still stable and durable so that a leather repair is still worthwhile for the customer. If a repair is no longer useful, a saddler or upholstery has to replace the leather. Often, the saddler or upholstery need a leather colouring company, which helps to adapt a suitable leather, which is no longer available in the leather trade. Especially when repairing old leather of classic cars there should be a cooperation between a leather repair company and a saddlery.

Specialists for leather repair products, training and advice:
Colourlock-02.jpg -> COLOURLOCK

Lederzentrum-2016-08-Mini-viereckig-Rand-02.jpg -> In Germany: www.lederzentrum.de

Globus.jpg -> Rest of the world: partners worldwide

Lederfarbe-04.jpg Lederfarbe-03.jpg

Lederfärbung-Chesterfield-01.jpg Ferrari-rot-03.jpg Petzold Jaguar faerben 09 2.jpg

Leather repair shop at work.


Chesterfield-vorher-01.jpg Chesterfield-nachher-01.jpg

No simple work. Two-tone colouration in an old Chesterfield chair.'


Sitz-schwarz-02-Schnitt.jpg Sitz-schwarz-06-Spachteln.jpg

Sitz-schwarz-07-Prägen.jpg Sitz-schwarz-13-nachher.jpg

Cut in leather: Filling, repair of the grain structure, colouring.


Porsche-Sitz-schwarz-mit-Loch-03.jpg Porsche-Sitz-schwarz-mit-Loch-04.jpg

Typical leather repair on a Porsche seat, which you can repair yourself.


Auto-Kopfpolste-Morgan-21.jpg Auto-Kopfpolste-Morgan-19.jpg

Leather repairs for the professional or for self-made.



Perforation-Reparatur-01.jpg Perforation-Reparatur-03.jpg

Crack in perforated leather from a Porsche seat. Such a repair is not easy and a scar will remain.


Videos about leather repair methods in the leather repair workshop

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The leather repair workshop: Colour mixing has to be learned by experience.

How to dull leather colours

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The colouring of leather

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COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh in professional use

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Leather colours with metallic effects

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Colouring leather furniture with fat stains

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Using COLOURLOCK Blocker on ink stains

The use of COLOURLOCK Blocker in cases of dye transfer on leather, colour migration, tyre marks, adhesive migration, black mould etc. in leather.

The art of colouring porous smooth leather

The leather repair workshop: The refreshing of a thick aniline leather in the leather workshop by preserving the patina.

The patination of leather

The leather repair workshop: The patination of classic car leather.

Stain removal on leather clothing

The leather repair workshop: The removal of sweat stains in highly sensitive aniline leather using leather colour.

Copying the grain structure of leather

The leather repair workshop: The imprinting of the leather grain.

The COLOURLOCK Mobile Leather Repair Workstation

The leather repair workshop: Leather processing companies often have large halls. The COLOURLOCK Workstation is for easy access to the leather problem.

Videos about cleaning leather in the leather workshop

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The leather repair workshop: This video shows what to pay attention to when cleaning pigmented leather.

The leather repair workshop: The use of COLOURLOCK Cleaners on leather, artificial leather and Alcantara.

The use of solvent cleaners in the leather workshop

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Videos about leather care products in the leather workshop

The use of COLOURLOCK Leather Shield and COLOURLOCK Leather Protector

Leather care information: COLOURLOCK Leather Shield is recommended for pigmented new leather and the COLOURLOCK Leather Protector for older, pigmented smooth leather.

The use of COLOURLOCK Leather Shield in the leather workshop

The leather repair workshop: The leather colour has to be protected against wear and dirtying.

Videos about leather repair methods for everyone

How to repair car leather.

How to repair furniture leather.

How to repair tears and cracks.

The repair of brittle leather.


Other professions that repair leather

  • Restorers deal with the preservation and restoration of antique leather objects (leather museum)
  • Bookbinders and book restorers deal with the restoration and repair of valuable leather books.


Additional information

Colourlock-02.jpg -> COLOURLOCK - Training for leather repairs for professionals

Colourlock-02.jpg -> COLOURLOCK

Lederzentrum-2016-08-Mini-viereckig-Rand-02.jpg -> In Germany: www.lederzentrum.de

Globus.jpg -> Rest of the world: partners worldwide