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Braided leather bangle-01.jpg

Braided Leather - Braiding Leather

Braiding leather strips can be done in various ways, including simple braids, cross braids, or more complex braiding techniques such as basket weave style. The choice of braiding pattern depends on the desired aesthetics and the intended use of the braided leather.

Braiding leather strips also offers practical advantages. By braiding, the individual strips are interwoven, which can result in increased strength and durability of the leather. This technique is commonly used in the production of belts, bracelets, bags, dog leashes, and other leather goods to provide additional stability and an appealing design.

Leather is sometimes braided to create various design effects. This can be done for a wide range of applications, for example, making straps, or whips. Braiding leather has to be done manually and requires a high level of skill and practice.

Braided leather strap-02.jpg

Braided leather bracelet.





Braided leather belt.



Flechtung-Schuh-01.jpg Flechtung-Pergament-005.jpg

Braided shoes. - Belt with braiding made of parchment.


Flechtung-002.jpg Flechtung-Pergament-001.jpg

Braided strips.



Braided leather handle in an older Mercedes.


BMW-Autoleder-Leatherette-S.jpg BMW-Flechtung-E30-Cabrio-19.jpg

BMW-Flechtung-06.jpg BMW-Flechtung-02.jpg

BMW had braided seat covers.


Braided leather classic car.jpg

Braidid leather in a classic car.



One of the most beautiful leatherworks ever seen: Lancia Astura 4th Series Pinin Farina Cabriolet from 1939.


Flechtung-001.jpg Griff-Flechtung-01.jpg

Braided leather handle of a handbag and a 100-year-old note book.



Braided leather bag.


Praegung-Rind-02.jpg Moebelleder-Praegung-ungesc.jpg

The braiding is only embossed in smooth leather.



Parchment pieces are often connected by a braid in lampshades.



Whip made of parchment from the Pantanal in Brazil.



Teppich-Kuhfell-003.jpg Teppich-Kuhfell-002.jpg

Cow hide woven in strips as carpet (



Leather upholstery woven into a sofa at the furniture fair in Milan, Italy.


Videos about braiding leather

The craftsmanship of the production of a plaited leather whip.

Braiding of bicycle handles.


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