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Leather floors

Leather tiles are used as leather flooring and wall claddings. Even luxurious boats are sometimes clad in leather tiles. Such surfaces are heat-insulating and sound-proof and feel warm and natural.

The leather used for floors is mostly thick and stiff vegetable-tanned leather, but also bonded leather. Using bonded leather as a floor covering is a sensible use of leather residues since the breathability of leather or tear resistance is not relevant for floors.

Lederboden-Volleder.jpg Lederboden-Himer-01.jpg

Modern leather floor at Himer bespoke shoes.


Lederboden-gepraegt Lefa.jpg


Bonded leather tiles with different embossing. Bonded leather floor.



Lederboden-Transmissionsriemen-02.jpg Lederboden-Transmissionsriemen-03.jpg

A beautiful leather floor made of old transmission belts.


Kuhfell-Teppich-001.jpg Kuhfell-Zebra-Tiger-Muster.jpg

Cowhide with hair is often used as a carpet.



Crocodile leather carpet.



Teppich-Kuhfell-003.jpg Teppich-Kuhfell-002.jpg

Cowhide woven in strips as carpet (made by www.ledermanufaktur.com).

For a carpet of 3.5 x 2.6 meters you need 7 skins in the size of approx. 4.5 m².


Kuhfell-Teppich-01.jpg Kuhfell-Teppich-02.jpg Kuhfell-Teppich-03.jpg Kuhfell-Teppich-04.jpg

Kuhfell-Teppich-05.jpg Kuhfell-Teppich-06.jpg Kuhfell-Teppich-07.jpg Kuhfell-Teppich-08.jpg

Cowhide as carpet from Brazil of wernergerling@yahoo.com.br.



Laser engraved floor tiles made from sole leather 5 mm thick and laser depth of approx. 2 mm (made by www.ledermanufaktur.com).


The maintenance of leather floors

For leather floors, robust leather is used which is easier to clean and maintain. For cleaning, the floor can be mopped (not too wet). As a cleansing agent, use leather cleaners that are recommended for such leather surfaces.

Leather fat, leather oil and leather milk can be used as leather care. Do not overdose! Re-polish after drying. Always test first to make sure that the floor does not become too slippery or sticky.



Leather floor maintenance at Himer bespoken shoes in Cologne, Germany with Leather Protector.


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