Crackled leather - Crackle finished leather

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Crackled leather - Crackle finished leather - Crackling effect - Craquelé

Crackled leather describes a surface structure of pigmented leather, which is characterized by a network of fine lines to create an optical effect. To achieve the cracking effect, a special finish is applied, which splinters on drying, giving it the crackled look.

It is rare to find aniline leather with a crackling on the surface. Crackled leather is sensitive because the grain structure is damaged. This limits its use only for objects that do not need to withstand high loading and pressure.

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The upper, black colour breaks when stretched and the yellow background shimmers through.


Mantel-gecrashte-Oberfl.jpg Mantel-gecrashte-Oberfl-02.jpg

Lambskin jacket with crackling. The surface looks brittle and crackled.



White lamb leather with crackling effect.


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A special feature: Aniline leather with artificial cracks.


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