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There are many ways of finding information about leather, including books, films and videos, online information or training courses and seminars.

Leather literature - Books on leather

Unfortunately there is very little literature on leather, in books or trade magazines. An overview of available books from Amazon. You can also ask national or international leather associations for information about leather.

Leather magazines - Leather journals

In some countries, there are journals about leather.

Films and videos about leather

You can find several videos about leather on YouTube. Also on TV there are sometimes reports about leather or leather production.

The YouTube channel belonging to this dictionary offers a lot of information about leather. COLOURLOCK deals with leather repairs and has made many application videos.


The selection of films in this leather dictionary.


Online information about leather - leather dictionary - leather lexicon

In addition to this leather-lexicon, Wikipedia offers a wide range of information.

Leather-Dictionary.JPG Is a very comprehensive leather lexicon.


Leather training - Leather seminars

There are different suppliers of leather training. LEDERZENTRUM and COLOURLOCK offer world-wide training in leather production, types of leather, leather quality, leather damages, leather repairs, leather cleaning and leather maintenance. These training courses are aimed at companies who process leather and for shops selling leather goods. The training also enables customer service departments to expand their knowledge about leather. We help them to find the right words when dealing with complaints.