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Leather bags - Leather backpacks

As long as leather has been used, it has been a vehicle for transporting objects. Originally, there were just simple leather bags. Today there is an infinite number of bag types from the leather handbag, which is the most widely used, to leather backpacks

Leather satchels

Leather satchels have a long tradition. In the past, school bags were almost entirely made from leather. In the 1970s, colourful synthetic satchels came into fashion. There is still an attractive range of genuine leather bags. Leather satchels are usually made of firm, thick cow leather. The leather is vegetable-tanned. Historically, school satchels were inspired by soldiers' satchels.

The teacher's bag is traditionally made of leather and has been much less replaced by synthetic materials.

Schulranzen-01.jpg Schulranzen-02.jpg Schulranzen-03.jpg

Lehrertasche-01.jpg Lehrertasche-04.jpg Lehrertasche-03.jpg

Teacher's bag with fur, with aniline leather and with a finished leather, seen at www.aruzzitaugo.com.


Leather briefcases

Leather briefcases have a long tradition. From the small ones to the pilot's case, there are infinite varieties. Like the satchel, they are mostly made from robust cow leather but soft goatskin is also used.



Leather briefcase of Selestudio.


Aktentasche-05.jpg Aktentasche-04.jpg

Aktentasche-06.jpg Aktentasche-02.jpg

Aktentasche-07.jpg Aktentasche-08.jpg

Leather briefcase made of cow leather. A nice selection at www.gusti-leder.de.




Briefcase made of horse leather (Horween - Shell Cordovan since 1905).


Leather travel bags

Today's travel bags are usually made of light synthetic fibre. But you can still find beautiful travel bags made of genuine leather.

Reisetasche-Leder-01.jpg Reisetasche-Leder-02.jpg

Reisetasche-Leder-03.jpg Reisetasche-Leder-04.jpg

Leather travel bag made of vegetable-tanned goat leather with patina. A nice selection at www.gusti-leder.de.



Leather-travel-bag of Selestudio.


Leather shoulder bags

Shoulder bags fall somewhere between briefcases, backpacks and handbags and are often made of leather.

Umhaengetasche-02.jpg Umhaengetasche-01.jpg

Umhaengetasche-10.jpg Umhaengetasche-13.jpg Umhaengetasche-14.jpg

Shoulder bags made of vegetable-tanned goat leather with patina. A nice selection at www.gusti-leder.de.



Leather shoulder Bag of Selestudio.


Leather backpack

Leather backpacks are still widely used and can often be seen in the streets.


Lederrucksack-02.jpg Lederrucksack-03.jpg Lederrucksack-04.jpg

Leather backpacks made of vegetable tanned goat leather with patina. A nice selection of www.gusti-leder.de.


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