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Leather institutes

Countries with an appreciable leather industry have specialist leather institutes. Producers and consumers need their expertise to ensure leather quality and provide support in cases of conflict. The role of such leather institutes is to help the leather industry, to inform and protect the end user and to create an understandable framework of standards, in order to promote leather. This task isn't necessarily conflict-free as leather producers, leather dealers, producers of leather objects and consumers do not always agree, therefore the institutes have to investigate and decide.

Tasks of the leather institutes

  • Support of the leather industry through research and projects to improve leather quality and manufacturing processes.
  • Promote the improvement of environmentally friendly leather production.
  • Help with consumer protection.
  • Definition of standards.
  • The investigation of leather problems in cases of differences of opinion between leather makers and manufacturers of leather objects, between manufacturers and trade and between trade and final consumers.
  • The training of the next generation of leather manufacturers.

Leather institutes world-wide

Leather associations

Members of leather associations are tanneries and other companies that deal with leather in the narrower and broader sense. The task of leather associations is to represent the common interests of the leather manufacturing industry and the leather industry as a whole.

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