Leather piping

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Leather piping

Piping is the narrow, round edge around car or furniture upholstery. The piping is usually made of leather, but sometimes also made from artificial leather. Vehicle leather is most commonly provided with piping. Usually, the colours are the same as the rest of the leather. However, it is also not uncommon for the piping to be in a different colour.


Auto-Keder-bunt-05.jpg Mercedes-300D-Adenauer-1958-02.jpg


Colour contrasting leather piping in a car.


Schafsessel0509.jpg Anilin Sofa02 0107.jpg

Leather piping on furniture.


Keder-bunt-03.jpg Flugzeugleder-001.jpg

Imitation leather piping in a car and in a plane.


In the leather workshop, leather can be dyed if the colour of the leather has been damaged by use. In the case of contrasting colours, it is necessary to work very carefully. The time required for a colour correction increases immensely when the piping or the seam is of a different colour. Then a narrow adhesive tape comes in very handy.

Keder-abkleben-01.jpg Keder-abkleben-02.jpg

There are especially narrow adhesive tapes for such work.


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