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Leather waste from leather manufacture or leather processing

Leather waste occurs in leather production and leather processing.

In leather production, leather waste is created by shaving the leather. To bring the leather to the desired thickness, leather fibres are shaved off the back and are collected. The shaved leather fibres are pressed and go to the waste incineration plant, or the shaving waste is used to produce bonded leather.

The use of the shavings to coat artificial leather on the back, in order to make it easier to mistake for leather, should be viewed critically.

Shaving leather fibres.jpg

Falling leather fibres from shaving.


In leather processing, leather waste occurs when cutting leather into needed pieces. The leather skins are cut or punched according to the necessary dimensions during leather processing into shoes, clothing, bags, car upholstery or furniture upholstery. Depending on the size of the cut there is a corresponding amount of leather waste. The larger the cut parts, the larger the leather waste. Offcuts are either disposed of or used as insulating material or, if the leather is of the appropriate size, smaller leather cuts for smaller objects or leather patchwork surfaces are made from the offcuts.


In industrial processing of leather, large amounts of leather cutting waste are produced.


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