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The leather has to reach the desired thickness in the tannery. To achieve this, the skin is first split on the splitting machine. Next a shaving machine, comprising knives arranged in a spiral formation, shaves the flesh side of the leather until the appropriate thickness is obtained. The fibres are cut to an even thickness.

The shaved leather fibres are then pressed and undergo a waste treatment process e.g. incineration. In some cases, shaved leather fibres are also used to produce bonded leather.


Shaving tannery.jpg

Shaving. Checking the thickness.


Shaving leather fibres.jpg

Leather fibres are shaved.


Video about the leather production

The leather production in a modern tannery.

Additional information

Process steps in the leather production
storage - soaking - liming - fleshing - splitting - pickling - tanning - neutralising - withering - sorting - shaving - dyeing - fatliquoring - retanning - drying - finish - softening - final check

Tanning methods
Chrome tanning - Vegetable-tanned leather - Synthetic tanning - Tanning with fats and oils