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Nuvi Releaf – vegetable leather alternative

With the Nuvi Releaf brand, another company has made it its mission to replace leather. Nuvi Releaf has developed a material made from milled tobacco leaves with a non-woven base made from flax fibers or recycled cotton. Since tobacco leaves have a similar color to leather and a leather-like smell, the material is said to be very similar to leather.

According to the manufacturer, the material including the binders for the milled tobacco leaves does not contain any "plastic". What the adhesives and/or binders consist of is not known, but abrasion and light resistance would be within the standards of artificial leather. The plan is to supply the car and aircraft industries in the future.

It remains to be seen whether this new material can provide the durability and resilience of leather. So far, neither artificial leather nor other alternatives without plastic parts have been able to offer even remotely good qualities such as leather, and the requirements of the automotive and aircraft industries in particular are very high.

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