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Sculptures and figures made of formed leather

Some artists use leather to make figures and sculptures. Human figures as well as animal figures.

Lederfigur1.jpg Verformung-03-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

Figure completely made of formed leather. Size about 1.80 meters. Origin unknown. - Leather figure seen in the DLM - German Leather Museum in Offenbach.


Figur-Leder-Pferd-01.jpg Eberleder-Holzkern-1715-für-Ludwig-den-XV-König-von-Frankreich-01-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

Horse figure made of leather. - Elephant with wooden core, covered with pig leather from Ludwig the XV., seen in DLM - German Leather Museum in Offenbach.


Nilpferd-Neuseeland-01.jpg Nashorn-Neuseeland-01.jpg

Leather animal figures repaired and refreshed by a leather repair company from New Zealand: European Leather Care Ltd.


Lederfrosch-02.jpg Leder-Wasserschneiden-01.jpg

Animal sculptures made of leather.


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