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There is a growing awareness of the impact of odours and emissions from furniture on indoor pollution.


There is a growing awareness of the impact of odours and emissions from furniture on indoor pollution. In order to guarantee a healthy living environment for customers through tested quality, the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel DGM (German furniture quality assurance association) has launched the DGM emission labels based on RAL-RG 437. The label can be applied to upholstered furniture, tables, office furniture, slatted frames, mattresses and beds and allows the buyer to be able to distinguish qualities.


Emissions label classes for various types of furniture.


Manufacturers who wish to use the protected DGM emissions label have to carry out prescribed pollutant tests. The leather production process consists of many individual steps, involving many different substances. To meet the highest requirements of the Class A DGM emissions label, all leather production processes must be optimised and constantly monitored for their impact on emissions measurements. As the emissions label applies to the furniture as a whole, the entire leather furniture when assembled must also be subjected to a new emissions test.

To keep leather furniture as durable as possible, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly, according to the manufacturer's recommendations. For this reason, the DGM has formulated a basis for awarding the emissions label for furniture care products. Cleaning and care products are not allowed to adversely affect or influence the emissions class A of a piece of furniture according to RAL-RG 437 when used as recommended.

Emission label leather care-01.jpg Emission test leather care.jpg

Emissions label for leather care. - Test chamber for leather emissions.



Leather care set (Leather Shield & Mild Leather Cleaner) with emissions class A from Lederzentrum GmbH.


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