Natural leather

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Natural leather

Natural leather is usually referred to as vegetable-tanned leather because the tanning agents come from natural raw materials. The same applies to the term "bio leather".


The International Association of Natural Textile Industry e. V. is the standard issuer for two quality marks for ecologically manufactured products and awards the quality mark “NATURLEDER IVN certified” for leather and “NATURTEXTIL IVN‑CERTIFIED BEST” for textile materials.

Manufacturers must meet minimum requirements for the NATURAL LEATHER IVN CERTIFIED quality mark. This affects the quality of the sewage treatment plants of the tanneries, the animals for the leather must mainly be kept for meat production, minimum requirements are placed on the chemicals used in the tanning process, chrome tanning is excluded and only vegetable tanning or chamois tanning is allowed, containing binders are not allowed and social criteria must be met. The standards to be met are extensive and the widespread easy-to-care pigmented smooth leather is excluded.

As with the Blue Angel or other seals of quality, an attempt is made to meet the increasing customer needs in relation to the environment and social issues beyond the legal minimum requirements by means of verified minimum requirements.

These seals of approval lead to better quality and improved environmental awareness, but also to higher costs and in some cases limit the variety of leather that is possible within the framework of the minimum legal requirements.

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