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Car steering wheels are often covered with leather in the higher price categories. Because they are in regular contact with skin and sweat, they are almost always made of pigmented leather.

Some manufacturers use so-called Teflon leather. This is leather with a Teflon coating which is particularly resistant to hand perspiration. Teflon leather feels more plastic-like than normal pigmented leather, which is not noticeable on steering wheels.

Sometimes steering wheels are perforated. This does not change the ease of care.

Steering wheels covered with coated split leather are common in the lower price range. Split leather is lower in quality in comparison to top grain leather but, since steering wheels have hard surfaces and are not flexible and stretched, it is an inexpensive solution for middle and lower price vehicles.

Steering wheels with smooth leather are easy to clean maintain. Regular cleaning and sealing extends the life of the steering wheel and makes smaller damages easy to repair. Steering wheels made of plastic or synthetic leathers are also easy to clean and maintain.

Steering wheels in high end cars tend to have suede or synthetic materials like Alcantara. These materials are more sensitive than the more common smooth leather or plastics. Grease and perspiration left on the surface from hands can be removed by cleaning thoroughly with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit. Some grease stains may need to be treated with COLOURLOCK Fat Absorber Spray. Another way to prevent these stains from happening is wearing gloves which may not be to everyone's liking! It is worthwhile remembering that Alcantara and suede steering wheels wear quicker than normal leather or synthetic steering wheels.

Lenkrad-Leder-01.jpg Lenkrad-Leder-02.jpg

Leather steering wheels in vintage cars.


Lenkrad-01.jpg Lenkrad-Perforation-02.jpg

Perforated leather steering wheels.


Lenkrad-Alcantara-02.jpg Lenkrad-02-Velour.jpg

Not very often: Alcantara steering wheel in the Mercedes and Audi.



Alcantara steering wheel, 1 year old, actively used in the BMW Z1 (of www.roadster-fashion.de).


Audi-Lenkrad-Veloursleder-02.jpg Audi-Lenkrad-Veloursleder-04.jpg

Even more rare: Suede leather steering wheel in the Audi.


Lenkrad-Oxidation-001.jpg Lenkrad-03.jpg

Through the contact with sweat steering wheels wear with time.



Worn split leather steering wheel. The suede of the split leather is clearly visible under the coating.


Video about the leather cleaning, colour refreshment and leather care with leather steering wheels.

Additional information

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