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Leather has featured on ships and boats for a very long time. However, there are two separate applications. The first is the seating areas inside the ships. Because it is not directly affected by the weather, almost every kind of leather is processed for these areas. Particularly on luxury ships, all kinds of exotic leather can be found, in addition to the traditional cow leather.

The second application is in the outdoor area. Here the cushions of the benches and berths are almost exclusively covered with imitation leather. Genuine leather would not last long under constant sun, temperature fluctuations and humidity. In addition, sun tan cream damages leather. Even artificial leather becomes yellow from sun creams very quickly. Historically, Eskimos used leather for the outer covering of their boats. The Atlantic was even crossed in boats with leather outer coverings.


Boot-Kunstleder-01.jpg Jetski-Bank-01.jpg

Imitation leather outside the boat.


Schwimmauto-01.jpg Schwimmauto-02.jpg

The right choice: Imitation leather in the floating car.



Boat leather in its origins: Fully leather - covered boat, seen in DLM - German Leather Museum in Offenbach.


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