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Saddler - Upholsterer - Trimmer

Saddlers traditionally produce horse riding saddles and articles. Over the centuries, however, the product range has expanded to include vehicle upholstery in cars, trucks, buses and boats. In the modern world, this occupation is called 'upholstery'. The work of an upholsterer is not restricted to providing furniture with fabric or leather covers. An upholsterer must also be able to provide seats with new padding, springs and webbing. Upholstery work also extends to automotive interiors, while the occupation of recovering car seats, carpets and other soft furnishings is called a 'trimmer', 'coach trimmer' or quite simply 'automotive upholsterer'.


Saddler in the year 1568.




A saddler in the Brazil has still to do with horse saddles, boots and belts. The Pantaneiros still use horses as a means of transport.



A Trimmer in Dubai is more concerned with luxury limousines.


Videos about saddlery work

The production of a saddle in the traditional saddlery.

The perfect combination of the work of a leather repair company and a saddler.

The craftsmanship of the production of a braided leather whip.

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