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Military leather - Leather and weapons

Leather often appears in connection with military and weapons. It was used as armour, as holsters for rifles and pistols or as a knife blade. For centuries, leather was an important material for transporting weapons and ammunition, and was part of many uniforms.

Pistol holster - Rifle scabbard - rifle case

Holster-Pistole-01.jpg Holster-Pistole-02.jpg

Pistol holsters have always been made of leather.


Harley-1942-Gewehr.jpg Lederholster-01.jpg

Rifle scabbard on a Harley from 1942. - Pistol holster from Selestudio.




Old rifle case.


Patron belt

Like belts in general, patron belts are mostly made of leather.

Patronengürtel-01.jpg Patronengürtel-02.jpg

Patron belts made of leather.



Leather belt pouches for ammunition etc.


knife sheaths - sword sheaths - saber sheaths

Blades of knives, swords, or sabers are often stored in leather for protection against injuries.


Beautiful leatherwork - knife sheath from Selestudio.


Messerscheide-Leder-Afrika-01.jpg Messerscheide-Leder-Afrika-02.jpg

Knife and knife sheath from Africa, produced before 1950.



Knife sheath for a Damascus blade (of damastmesser.com).


Brasilien-Bonito-Messer-der-Pantaneiros-01.jpg Schafsfelll-Sattel-01.jpg

The pantaneiros, the cowboys of the Pantanal in Brazil], wear their knives in knife sheaths made of vegetable-tanned leather pushed into the back of the trousers.



Knife sheath made of leather, knife handle made of nandu claw.



Knife handle made of narwhal horn and knife sheath made of stingray leather, of www.hoffnungsthaler-messerwerkstatt.de.



Saber sheaths protect against injuries.


Sable sheath pigskin 02.jpg Sable sheath pigskin 01.jpg

Approximately 200 years old saber sheath made of pig leather for the planters of the Dutch East India Company (photo www.mw-blankwaffen.de).


A video about the handmade production process of a knife sheath and the tools needed for it.

Protective covers made of leather


Axe sheath of leather (of damastmesser.com).


Sword handles made of leather

Schwertgriff-01.jpg Schwert-01.jpg

Sword leather handle, right of www.ledermanufaktur.com.


The blade of this Japanese sword is about 450 years old. The interchangeable handle comes from the 18th or 19th century and has a rare Tensho handle winding. Below the wrapped leather strips is (stingray leather). Stingray leather stabilises the underlying wooden sub-structure. The replaceable handle is secured by a pin made of tusk.

Schwert-Japan-01.jpg Schwert-Japan-02.jpg

Incredible filigree craftsmanship from Japan.


Schwertgriff-Japan-Rochenleder-02.jpg Schwertgriff-Japan-Rochenleder-03.jpg

Sword handle with stingray leather from Japan.


Protective clothing

Protective clothing made of leather.

Schutzhelm-Leder.jpg Schutzweste-01.jpg

Leather helmet. - Protective leather vest.


Bolas - Boleadoras

Bolas are weapons made of leather.

Bolas-02.jpg Bolas-01-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

Bolas, right seen in the DLM - German Leather Museum in Offenbach.


Leather shields

In times when shields were used in wars, they were often leather-covered or made of leather.

Pergament-Schild-01.jpg Schild-Punzieren-01-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

With parchment covered shield. - Motives on carved leather shield.


Selestudio-Lederwerkstatt-01.jpg Selestudio-Lederschild-01.jpg

Production of a leather shield in the leather workshop of Selestudio.


Leather Fly Swatter

In a broader sense, a fly swatter is also a weapon made of leather, but in this case it is intended for flying insects.


A fly swatter made of vegetable-tanned leather.


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